The World Math Day Challenge

I got word about this nice math event.

In World Math Day Challenge (held on March 5), students from across the globe will be uniting online to play each other in real time mental arithmetic games. These are tailored to the students' levels so students of various ages can participate.

They are expecting more than 1 million students from over 100 countries! It is one of the world's largest participation events.

World Math Day is free of charge for both schools and students. All you need is Internet access. And, there are even prizes!

More information may be found at

This is a nice opportunity to do something fun with math, and at the same time connect with other kids, even across the globe, without leaving your home. You can register already; the event is on March 5.


mathmom said…
Thanks for the heads up on this!
Gerald Thurman said…
I do these math bits called BADs (Basic Arithmetic Dates). It was nice to see that Math World Day 2008 falls on a BAD.

Convert the date to MM/DD/YY format and see if you can find math using the three numbers that comprise the date.

3/5/08 is a great BAD because of the simple math: 3 + 5 = 8

Note: Pi Day 2008 is a BAD.

3/14/08: 3! + 8 = 14
no0ody said…
when can we register on world math day becouse i was waiting like 3 days what date can we ????? plzzzzzzz someone answer meee fast
Maria Miller said…
This event is already past... they held it on March 5.

I had several people contact ME privately about the registering problems... and please understand I'm not in any way connected with this project. All I did was post it on my blog.

I suspect the difficulties were due to the fact the site is/was made in Flash.

I wrote them, suggesting to make the website in html. The team from World Math Day wrote back to me:

"Precisely, the web site was made in Flash, so you need Flash 9 on your computer to make it work and you can easily download it from internet. However we will keep your suggestion in mind for further developments. Thank you."

So maybe next year they'll have an html version of the website as well.

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