Assortment of links and news

I have quite a collection of links and stuff people have sent me. Hopefully everyone will find something of interest!

Esp. for teachers

  • LearnHub is a network of communities, each one built around a specific subject.

    You can do all kinds of stuff: upload videos, author pages using a simple editor, upload your powerpoint presentations, create tests and track users' progress, combine lessons, tests, and activities into a restricted access course, complete with e-commerce integration. Learnhub also includes live tutoring, live video, voice, whiteboard and document sharing.

    If you want to teach something online, this website sounds really interesting.

  • contains
    thousands of worksheets for all school subjects and levels. This is a subscription service, but you'll find some free worksheets in every area.

For all math enthusiasts

Some math software!

  • First of all, some real "heavy" machinery for serious computing:

    SpaceTime 3.0 is now available for Windows, Pocket PC, Smartphones, and Palm handhelds. It is the most powerful mathematics software available for mobile devices at very affordable prices and has many of the features of top commercial programs such as Mathematica and MATLAB including a built in scripting engine.

  • From the same place, MyCalculator is a free scientific calculator for Windows, Pocket PC, Palm handhelds.

For all of us who like to voice our opinion (or vote)

There is one week left in the contest for images to represent the Carnival of Homeschooling. So go vote - only seven days left!

Vote for whatever size image
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Anonymous said…
this online calculator solve the cramer's rule step by step. I hope you like it :)
D Herrod said…
You have some good resources. Like your blog

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