Today I have something a little different from the "norm": a giveaway!

All you have to do to take part is go visit Homeschool Boutique, find a T-shirt you'd like to win (these shirts mostly carry homeschool slogans), and then either leave a comment below mentioning the shirt you'd like to win, or email me with your choice.

Just one note: whichever way you do it, make sure I can contact you/find your contact info easily.

We will choose 2 winners by drawing. This contest ends Sunday, April 5, 2008.


Bunny McCoy said…
One of the downfalls of always reading in a Feed Reader is that one misses so much of what goes on in the sidebar, etc. For instance, I didn't even REALIZE you had a tee-shop for hsers! Now that I do, I'm finding it hard to say which one is my favorite.

I think either the Proud Homeschool Mom or the Rhinestone Homeschool Mom. Although...the Survivor themed ones are nice too! LOL See?

Thanks for all your great ideas and advice. Math is the thorn in our side here, but you make it a little easier.

Maria Miller said…
Oh no, it's not my shop. I'm just doing this in conjunction with Homeschool Boutique because it sounded like fun for all of us. Sorry for not explaining it better.
Anonymous said…
I ADORE the Homeschool Boutique! I have one of her fabulous totes! However, I've been eyeing the Homeschool Mom rhinestone tee for the longest! I'd LOVE to win it!
Bunny B said…
Cute stuff! I like #RM101. Rhinestone Mom Tank Top. Thanks so much for this nice giveaway :)

bunnybox9 [at] lycos [dot] com
Bunny B said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Betsy said…
I like the black "Proud Homeschool Mom" t-shirt.

My email is in my profile!
Mommasheart said…
I love the "Yes, I'm homeschooled" t-shirt. It is exactly what we feel like saying! It answers all the concerns right up front..LOL.
windycindy said…
What a fun site! It is very unique and I really like their shirts. I would enjoy winning the "Homeschool
Mom Survivor" t-shirt. Please enter
me in your drawing. Thanks,Cindi
Brenda said…
Oh, so much to choose from! I really like the brown/pink Proud Homeschool Mom shirt.

Thanks for this give-a-way!
Anonymous said…
I love the boy's Extreme Homeschooler t-shirt. Thanks for the opportunity!
Anonymous said…
I'd like the boys' Yes I'm Homeschooled Tee. Very cool.
Anonymous said…
I like the Principal Dad shirt. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

My email is carrotribe at hotmail dot com
Stacey said…
I just found the boutique blog....what a fun find! I would just love to be entered for this, thank you. My favorite tee is the Homeschool Moms Have Class tee (light pink)! Thanks for the giveaway.
Maria Miller said…
Thanks everyone who participated... the winners have been chosen:

1) Sara who wanted #YHG102. Yes, I'm Homeschool T-shirt.

2) M. Mitchell who wanted i-Teach tee shirt.


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