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I delved into this fascinating website just this past week, and I heartily recommend you visit it, too!

Most math teachers have faced the age-old question, "When will I ever need this?", especially when kids get into algebra and more. Well, has the answer - in the form of short movies, lesson guides, and worksheets.

The topics are just fascinating, from skyscrapers, roller coasters, endangered animals, to inventing, the subway, bakery, bicycle design, etc.

For each movie, there is a worksheet or several for the student that concentrates on some math topic that is needed in the field shown in the movie.

Some samplings:

100,000 computers a day
A rare and fascinating look inside the world's largest computer manufacturer, Dell Inc., where thousands of computers are custom-built and shipped around the world every day. From the call center to the inventory system to the assembly line and beyond, one thing is certain: The whole operation relies on a variety of math skills every step of the way.

Inventing with Polygons
This guy had some really interesting stuff! Inventor Chuck Hoberman uses polygons to build amazing expandable structures.

Structural Engineering
To design buildings that don't fall down, you need to know how your materials will respond to forces such as gravity, wind, and earthquakes.

The Bakery
Whether it's fractions or measurement or division, a key ingredient to this baker's success is math, making each one of his pastries, cakes and breads as delicious as the last.

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