Squares that aren't squares?

Updated with solutions!

Today I want to highlight a square problem I saw at MathNotations. I hope Dave Marain doesn't mind me showing this picture and problem on my blog... I have no problem acknowledging it's from his blog. I COULD just tell you all to "go read it at Dave's blog....

BUT I don't feel that's the best way, IF I want you to think about this. I can just guess that most of the folks would feel too lazy to click on the link and go read it there (would you?). So I want to show it here.

Figures not drawn to scale! And this is important!

Now here's the question:
Does the given information in each diagram guarantee that each is a square?

If you don't think so, your mission is to draw a quadrilateral with the given information but that clearly does NOT look like a square.

The IDEA is to make our students THINK LOGICALLY, or practice their deductive reasoning skills. A great little problem.

The answers:

Figure 1 is not necessarily a square. The upper left corner angle can be of any size. The upper side can be of any length. And so on. See here two examples.

Figure two is not necessarily a square either since the "top" side can be of any length. But it is a rectangle.

Figure 3 in the original problem IS always a square!

Now, I'll write another post where we'll extend this idea to some parallelograms.
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