A word problem

Another word problem was sent my way.
Todd, Chris, and Rod have 30 birds. Rod has five times as many as Todd. Todd has one fourth the number Chris has. How many birds do they each have?
The numbers in this problem are so small that I won't make any equations -- it might be QUICKER to use guess and check!

Just notice Todd has the least amount, and once you know (or guess) how many birds Todd has, then you immediately know how many Chris and Rod have. Rod will have 5 times the amount Todd has, and Chris will have four times the amount Todd has.

We will start by giving Todd 1 bird, and checking if the condition is met that the total becomes 30. Then we will give Todd 2 birds and check again.

Rod 5 10 15
Chris 4 8 12
Todd 1 2 3
Total 10 20 30

So Todd has 3 birds, Chris has 12, and Rod has 15.

I'm guessing this might be a problem from algebra course, and that the author/teacher intends algebra to be used. But I would say that use the most effective and quick method which isn't always algebra...

With algebra, you'd assign Todd to have x birds, then Chris has 4x birds and Rod has 5x birds. Add those up and let the sum be 30:

x + 4x + 5x = 30

10x = 30

x = 3.

So it's pretty quick this way too. I just chose the guess and check because the total was only 30 and so I knew it wouldn't take long.

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