It's square root day

Today - 3/3/09 - happens to be a square root day! It's because 3 is the square root of 9 (3 × 3 = 9). The previous square root day was 2/2/04. And then next one is 4/4/16.

An exercise for students: how many square root days are there in a century?
See Wikipedia for an answer..

Read also how the teacher Ron Gordon celebrates square root day!


Anonymous said…
Hi. I had a question - This is our 2nd yr. hsing and I accidentally used the wrong year in Saxon Math last year for my then 5th grader - I used 54 - no wonder he didn't seem to learn anything! So this year we worked thru 65 quickly to try to get back to grade level (now 6th) Would switching to Math Mammoth have him playing catch up? I'm not thrilled with Saxon but I'm also not a math person.
Homeopath said…
Great blog idea!....and your post are interesting too. Great job!
Anonymous said…
Didn't know this until today. Thank you. It's fun. And, by the way, I'm a teacher by profession (now consulting). In a Himalayan country. I'm very fond of math, but wasn't really specialized in teaching math. Just love to solve problems. Will be following your blog that I just discovered - thank God.

Maria Miller said…
I do not have a complete curriculum for 6th grade. I do have 6th grade worksheets that you could use to supplement. Perhaps Singapore Math could help as well.

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