Escher's impossible staircase

Most of us have seen the picture of Escher's paradoxical staircases - but today I saw a model of them built of Legos! Go see it - it's just cool!


Anonymous said…
Dear Maria,

Thanks for the cool Escher/Lego link. Just wanted to let you know and give everyone a heads-up that a link in one of the responses from others included in this piece - ("the brick") is something we would not want our little ones to look at - although it is Bible stories depicted in Legos, there are some very sexually explicit images which would definitely be inappropriate for children to see. The site even states that there are such stories in tbe Bible (which, of course, there are) and rates the depicted stories by " S, V " etc. etc.

We thought it would be cool for our little person to look at because it illustrated Bible stories with Legos - fortunately, we looked it over before our homeschooler had a chance to see and quickly changed our minds.

Thanks for your wonderful blog and your awesome math. newsletters and website. You help make our homeschool "math department"'s job so much easier and more fun!

You are appreciated!
David Hogan said…
I know this is an older post, but I can't help but comment on Escher. I have several of his prints in my math/physics classroom and students constantly stare at them ... provides lots of opportunities to tie math to art and to the real world.

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