Free e-books from Sylvan Dell

Sylvan Dell publishing is allowing the public to view for FREE their new line of ebooks.

Sylvan Dell ebooks

These ebooks are animal-themed picture storybooks for children with beautiful illustrations and text. They can be used to learn language or science.

The neat thing is, they are bilingual (English/Spanish). You can switch the language while you're reading one page and it'll stay on that page. Plus you can have the book read to you (audio) in either English or Spanish.

Here is the link:

Click, and then click the button that says "Validate access code".


michelle said…
What a wonderful link! Thank you!! I hope you don't mind if I pass this on?
Maria Miller said…
No, I don't mind. Go ahead! Someone from Sylvan Dell publishing contacted me personally and they WANTED me to pass the link on. So apparently the more we publish it, the happier Sylvan Dell folks are.
Kimberly Kovach said…
These are great!! Thanks for sharing and I plan to share it too.
Anonymous said…
WOW, Maria! Thank you thank you for spreading word of the Sylvan Dell eBook trial! We are so excited about it, so it's wonderful when we get bloggers talking it up :) Keep up the amazing work! Yaaaaaaaay!
Kendra said…
Very cool.. I know two science oriented little boys who will love looking at these this afternoon. :D we'll be sharing the link as well. ;)
Anonymous said…
Your website is really useful for kids. Myself trying to develop free math worksheets for students of all grades. Shall we share our links?
hope said…
Thank you for including this information in your math newsletter. I noted that some of the books are about basic math concepts such as counting, odd, even and half.
Anonymous said…
Thank Maria...this is great. I am sure my son will enjoy it. Thany you for all these useful tips...this sure makes learning more fun.

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