A Review of Mathletics

I have completed writing a comprehensive review of Mathletics website. It is an online math practice system for K-12 that includes:
  • a regular "curriculum" section where you practice various kinds of math problems;
  • a Live Mathletics section where you race with math problems against other kids around the world;
  • Rainforest Maths - a separate website filled with math activities; and
  • a parent center with yet more resources such as printable workbooks and videos.
Mathletics is a subscription service, but it offers a lot! Please read my review and see screenshots.


watchmath said…
Hi, it seems a good way to keep the children get motivated. Do you know if the purchase include access to all grades or only to a particular grade?

Thanks for the information.
I have 5 and 7 years old kids and I oftenly challange my kids to do math problem from a higher grade.
Maria Miller said…
It assigns the child a particular grade, but from the parent center you can change it to some other grade. You can only do such change a certain number of times.
Hi,thanks for the comprehensive review.It's a hgood subscription model so kids can work at their own pace as well.

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Koyi said…
hi..thanks... It will become good exercise to people so that can improve their maths especially children..

It also can show people that mats is fun and strees subject..
Christopher Rogers said…
I found this amazing math site for my children. The concept is very similar to various tutoring companies. They track the progress and send it to the child’s parent. It is a wonderful way to keep track of how your child is doing in all areas of math. All grades are included.

Also, they give yearly subscriptions for schools.

What more can you ask for?

Vidal Aponte said…
Hi, this is an excellent website that will truly keep our kids motivated to learn math. The experts are now saying that it is imperative that we teach our kids math at a very young age so this website helps tremendously in doing so. I have 2 kids of my own and I taught them and my god they are doing so great in school and in life so I know how important math is.
Angela Horn said…
Hi - just wanted to add that Mathletics does actually include teaching/instruction for every single topic, but it's not obvious. I think the site would really benefit from a good 'how to get the best out of Mathletics' article. Within each curriculum Mathletics activity, click on the big question mark on the left hand side of the screen, and it takes you to a tutorial with the option to choose easier or harder examples.
Francesco said…
Just found out about it.. Will check it out ASAP for my 6- and 4-year olds.

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