Review of Mangahigh games

I got an advance notice of a new games website called It's more than just simple math games, though. These games are designed extremely well, both from mathematical and "enjoyment" perspective. Mangahigh is led by a team of mathematicians, educationalists, and games designers so the games feature commercial-quality gameplay.

I wanted to highlight two of the free games here:

Flower Power
This is the one that I liked most... it's addictive! Grow flowers and harvest them to make money. Practice ordering decimals, fractions, and percentages. The game starts with ordering decimals (daisies), and proceeds into fractions (tulips or roses) and percents. Each time you get a full stem, you need to decide whether to pick the flowers to sell (earn money) or to let them be pollinated and thus get more flowers to grow. Grades 3-8.

Save Our Dumb Planet
Defend Earth from deadly meteorites using missiles. A team of dumb scientists are on hand to suggest possible trajectories. Practice drawing lines, quadratic curves, and some harder curves using their equations. The game has many levels, and you can stay at the easier levels if you so wish. Don't listen to the dumb scientists' talk - they mislead you! Grades 8-11 (algebra).

If I understood right, the games that are there now is just the beginning, and there are more to come.

Lastly, Mangahigh also has a powerful game called Prodigi. This is a math learning engine (or a math practice environment) that has thousands of maths problems with worked solutions and hints that adapt to each student's ability and learning speed. You can try Prodigi for free; however, only on a certain "easy" and set level. To enjoy the full possibilities of Prodigi, you need to subscribe.


As a Mom, I think, great! My son rolls his eyes and says, don't take something I love (games) and mix it with something I hate. Well, I betcha if he's given a choice between doing math from a book and doing math from a game, he'll choose "game" every time!
Max said…
Great site! Love the "Save our Dumb Planet" game. Nice blog too. Good to see some people are trying to encourage education through activity.
Thanks so much for sharing this new website. I'm a Math teacher in Sharon and am currently developing a website of links to support students. Feel free to check it out:! and feel free to contact me at: if you would be willing to contribute to the site.
Alex said…
A fellow teacher has informed me that recently released a schools version of their math games site, and that they are currently offering free trials for schools. My school is in major need of adding some innovation to the teaching method, and I think this site may be great addition to our math department.

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