Calculation Nation games

Calculation Nation is a new, free, math games website from the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM).

It currently has 8 games, each of which you can play against the computer or against other players that are online at the same time as you. You will need to register first (free).

All of the games are educational and well made. They include:

Square Off
Drag a rectangle to cover as many spaceships as possible, calculating the perimeter.

Factor Dazzle
Find all the factors of a number to earn points. Then, choose a number for which your opponent must find the factors.

Dig It
Create and locate fractions on a number line to tell your shovel where to dig. Earn points for the amount of dirt you collect and the number of jewels you discover.

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Times Square
Exercise your skill with factors and multiples! Try to get four squares in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. I liked this one! I've played it before somewhere else as well.

Drop Zone
Make sums of 1, using different unlike fractions, and prevent your opponent from making sums of 1. I liked this one!

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Slam Ball
Slam the ball into the sides of the game board, and use your knowledge of angles, symmetry, and reflections to choose the best path

A ball goes down a series of ramps and grabs either x, y, or plain number tokens. You need to figure out the best route for the ball, and combine terms. My kids really liked this one. I liked it alright as well. It's not very difficult - more for prealgebra level than algebra 1.

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Fraction Feud
In each joust, earn points by creating a larger (or smaller) fraction than your opponent.

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KenKen! said…
Great math games on there. I was wondering if you've heard of KenKen? I am a student promoting KenKen, a math and logic game similar to Sudoku. Tons of teachers use it, and I thought you may be interested as well!
Maria Miller said…
HoodaMath has been a regular advertiser at for a while. So yes, I do know about that site.

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