Math Jokes 4 Math Folks book

I recently received Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks from the author, Patrick Vennebush. This is a very comprehensive collection of math-related jokes that all "mathy" people will definitely enjoy, and math teachers could use this book to enliven their lessons.

I have seen several of the jokes on the Internet, but never such a large collection.

The jokes are categories into chapters such as

  • One-Liners, ("A hungry clock goes back four seconds.")
  • Graphic Jokes, (For example, "Cube Roots" picture you see on the cover of the book.)
  • Three Dudes, (An engineer, a mathematician, and a chemist are...)
  • Conversion Chart, (109 antics = 1 gigantic, or 454 graham crackers = 1 pound cake)
  • Professions,("The secretary of defense informed the president, 'Yesterday, three Brazilian soldiers were killed. 'Oh, no!' the president exclaimed. ... 'How many is a brazillion, anyway?' ")
And so on.

In each section, the jokes that require the least math knowledge to understand are first, and then the material "advances". People who have studied math in college will get the most out of it, but there are joke for every level.

Please note the author has included a few bathroom jokes and a few slightly dirty ones - if you don't like those, they can easily be marked over.

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