Math tricks by a silly guy

A short youtube video where Kjartan Poskitt shows some math tricks. He's funny! Enjoy!


Denise said…
This is fun. I just ordered a few of the Murderous Maths books for Kitten, and she devoured them. I guess I'll have to find the rest of the series. It sure is hard to keep her in books!
Caroline Mukisa said…
My daughter is also a fan of the Murderous Maths books. Kjartan has a great way of making maths fun for kids (and adults too!)
Sally Johnson said…
My son too loves Murderous Math books..They are fun to read and at the same time fantastically informative..
I like it ... this is fun .
Awesome video. Where do I get the Murderous Math books? I think I'd like to learn more about it.

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