Top 10 posts of 2010

Inspired by Denise's similar post, I decided to check my stats to see which ones were my most popular blogposts in 2010.

So if you missed some of my top 10 of 2010, here's the list along with pageviews the post received within 2010:

1. Exponent Worksheets 2,660 views
This is somewhat of a surprise to me because I'd think some of the posts further down this list would have been more popular than exponents. But you just never know!

2. Order of Operations / PEMDAS 2,131 views
The title tells it all.

3. World Math Day 2010 2,113 views
This is not much more than a link pointing to the site.

4. Language Arts Resources 1,888 views
These are L&A resources I've used in my homeschooling.

5. American Math Challenge 1,729 views
Again, not much more than a link pointing to the site.

6. Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks book 1,713 views
This was a review of a humorous book.

7. Resources for Multiplication Tables 1,574 views
I guess multiplication tables are always "in fashion" so to speak, or popular. Many kids need help with them so many parents search for help online.

8. Math Teacher's Error 1,568 views
Basically an image showing an erroneous correction.

9. Subitizing Video Review 1,215 views
Review of a video on subitizing.

10. Teaching Long Multiplication 1,214 views
I think that is also a topic many children need help with.

These are just the blogposts. I have all kinds of pages on my other math sites ( and that get more views than these, but I haven't checked which ones there were the most popular. (Well, for the most popular pages are always the worksheet making pages so I don't even need to check that.)

I aim to continue blogging in 2011, and helping people with math!


Tracy said…
I hope your 2010 was great and that 2011 will be even better!
My daughter has just started using some of your ideas to help her with her math. Math is the subjext that is hardest for her so we put a little more effort into it.

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