Free book - Geometry in Art

I was told about this free download of the book Geometry in Art, by Hilton Andrade de Mello.

On the page, you need to scroll down to the words "free downloading".

This book is a basic introduction to geometry in art, with topics such as polygons, spirals, polyhedrons, tessellations, perspective, the golden ratio, symmetry, geometry and symbolism, and geometry and informatics. It has lots of illustrations and artwork by various artists, and can serve as a nice introduction for anyone who hasn't studied these topics before.


Can't wait to check it out Maria! Thanks for sharing!
Im so glad I found your blog. I am a homeschool mom and am impressed with you! Thanks for sharing. This is great.
Denise said…
Wonderful! Thank you for passing this on.
Really nice resource, thanks for sharing.
Dear Maria Miller and followers
I am delighted about your comments about my book. It gave me the certainty that I was right offering the book free on the Internet. I am very happy that my book can help other people.
Thank you very much for putting a link in your blog.
Hilton Andrade de Mello

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