Mowing the lawn - mathematically

Mowing the lawn is a oh-so familiar task to many of us. Now here's an article that approaches the problem of pushing the lawnmower the shortest distance possible mathematically.

A Victa-ry for mathematics

I'm sure you'll enjoy it! I did!


Denise said…
So it looks like a good general strategy might be to start around the outside and work your way in towards the middle? And then do switch-backs for the minimum amount that you need in order to keep from going over the same grass twice.

Reminds me of this Square One TV skit: Square One TV: Mathcourt - Geometric Area.
Carl said…
Oh :) another brilliant perspective on maths with the entertainment of not looking like maths at all.. with actual real world usability to boot :) must show this to my son :) --thank you

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