Math Mammoth Grade 3 now aligned to the Common Core standards

Math Mammoth Grade 3 is now aligned to the Common Core. In this post I try to outline what is same and what is different about this edition compared to the previous one.

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-A Complete WorktextWhat is same?

-  The focus on single-digit multiplication and division is the same. I did add more varied word problems to these two sections, and other little 'enhancements' as I edited the lessons, but no major changes here.

- Also, much of the addition,  subtraction, and place value topics are the same. There are some slight differences, yes, but not major ones.

- Time and money sections are the same.

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-B Complete WorktextWhat is different?

- The geometry chapter has been pretty much redone. Now, it concentrates on the concepts of area and perimeter (according to Common Core standards). Before, I did have one lesson on area, but also other concepts, such as right angles and parallel lines. Those will be moved to 4th grade.

- In measuring, I have removed most of the content that dealt with conversions between the measuring units, as that is a topic for  4th grade in the standards. I did leave some content and easy exercises about it, though, as I feel 3rd graders are able to do such. I also reorganized some of the material here and added new measuring activities.

- In fractions, I added the topics of fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions, and removed the topic of adding and subtracting like fractions.

- The topic of decimal number has been taken off from this grade.


Carla said…
Hi, Maria, I have the Light Blue series, grades 1-6. I think I downloaded them from Kagi. How do I get the updated versions of the levels you have revamped to align with the core standards?
Maria Miller said…
You need to email me about it. If you bought at Kagi, include the name or email you used when purchasing.
Carla said…
Thank you, will do!
If my third grader is struggling with Multiplication and Division where should I start them?
I have noticed you have finished year 2 and 3 are there plans to complete years 4,5, and 6? and when would they be done? I am wondering whether to wait to purchase them?
Maria Miller said…
Yes, I will also align grades 4, 5, and 6. It will take me probably the rest of 2012.

You can purchase them any time and then get updated versions later.
Maria Miller said…
If my third grader is struggling with Multiplication and Division where should I start them?

I would recommend Math Mammoth Multiplication 1 and Math Mammoth Division 1

OR the complete curriculum for 3rd grade.

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