Math Mammoth Grade 3 now aligned to the Common Core standards

Math Mammoth Grade 3 is now aligned to the Common Core. In this post I try to outline what is same and what is different about this edition compared to the previous one.

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-A Complete WorktextWhat is same?

-  The focus on single-digit multiplication and division is the same. I did add more varied word problems to these two sections, and other little 'enhancements' as I edited the lessons, but no major changes here.

- Also, much of the addition,  subtraction, and place value topics are the same. There are some slight differences, yes, but not major ones.

- Time and money sections are the same.

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 3-B Complete WorktextWhat is different?

- The geometry chapter has been pretty much redone. Now, it concentrates on the concepts of area and perimeter (according to Common Core standards). Before, I did have one lesson on area, but also other concepts, such as right angles and parallel lines. Those will be moved to 4th grade.

- In measuring, I have removed most of the content that dealt with conversions between the measuring units, as that is a topic for  4th grade in the standards. I did leave some content and easy exercises about it, though, as I feel 3rd graders are able to do such. I also reorganized some of the material here and added new measuring activities.

- In fractions, I added the topics of fractions on a number line, equivalent fractions, and comparing fractions, and removed the topic of adding and subtracting like fractions.

- The topic of decimal number has been taken off from this grade.


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