Möbius Strip

Möbius strip is a fun object to play with. The video below by Vi Hart has a little story to go with the idea: Wind and Mr. Ug.

My girls were wondering how come Wind can come home and there's already a message ready left by Mr. Ug? When did Vi write that when doing the video? And why does Wind never meet Mr. Ug?

See if you can solve the mystery...

While they were watching, I made my girls some Möbius strips and let them draw a line or a "fence" around them. I cut one apart in the middle to show what happens when an "earthquake" hits... Like I said, simple and fun.

I found the video via this blog post that uses a similar idea, but with Moebius ants (easier to draw!).


Anonymous said…
This is such fun! I can't wait to show the munchkins. They'll love this. Thank you.

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