Basic operations worksheets generator UPDATED!

I have updated the Basic operations worksheet generator at—with new features!

Now you can add a border around each problem, add additional workspace below the problem, and use a variable instead of an empty line.

Even more: instead of choosing only one operation, you can also choose addition and subtraction, or multiplication and division.

This worksheet generator makes printable worksheets both for whole numbers and integers, and for both horizontal and vertical form of operations. It is very versatile. You can make worksheets for...
  • basic addition/subtraction facts
  • mental addition and subtraction (for example, whole hundreds)
  • multiplication tables, including missing factors
  • basic division facts, including with remainders
  • mental multiplication and division (for example, by powers of ten)
  • column-form addition and subtraction, including subtraction with or without regrouping
  • column-form multiplication (long multiplication)
  • long division
  • simple equations using either an empty line or a variable (choose missing addend/subtrahend/minuend/factor/dividend/divisor). This is usable from first grade up to pre-algebra/algebra 1!
Click here to use it! Below you'll see a screenshot of the generator.

basic operations worksheet generator


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