Math Mammoth International Version


cover for Math Mammoth Grade 1-B Complete Worktext
Currently available for grades 1-4, this version differs from the US version in these aspects:
  • The currency used in the money chapters in grades 1-3 is the Australian dollar. (The download versions for these grades include the chapter on money also for US, British, European, South African, Canadian, and New Zealand currencies.)
  • The curriculum teaches the metric measurement units. Imperial units, such as inches and pounds, are not used.
  • The spelling conforms to British international standards (British English).
  • Page (paper) size is A4.
  • Large numbers are formatted with a space as the thousands separator (such as 12 394). (The decimals are formatted with a decimal point, like in the US version.)
Check it out at the link below:

Math Mammoth, International version


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