More practice with bar models and problem solving

Someone asked me about the BAR MODELS in the problem solving lessons in Math Mammoth grade 5.

This person said that they had just completed every problem in the lesson Problem Solving with Bar Models 1, but her son is still having a hard time knowing how to make the bar model after reading the problem, and knowing what to do with the fractional part once it is figured out.

She was wondering if there was something else for supplemental practice, and if she should look for mastery in this area at this point.


I feel it would be good to achieve some degree of mastery at this point (in 5th grade). I suggest  using the website Thinking Blocks for additional practice, in particular the "Multiplication and Division" and "Fractions" subsections.

Also, if the problem solving lessons are difficult, consider spreading out the study of these lessons in Math Mammoth by starting the child simultaneously on the next chapter. For example, one could study problem solving every other day, and the next chapter every other day. That way, if it's spread out to a longer period of time, the student's brain has more time to "mull it over". :)

I hope this advice helps the person who asked -- and maybe some of you others out there also!


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